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13 Spooktacular Halloween SMS Template Ideas For E-Commerce

13 Spooktacular Halloween SMS Template Ideas For E-Commerce

Renata Liubertaitė

As soon as we wave summer goodbye, the already growing nostalgia for those bright and warm days starts to slowly blend with the gentle smell of pumpkin spice. And as soon as we mention pumpkins in autumn… Halloween pops into our heads.

Last year, Halloween was celebrated by almost 70 percent of Americans (which is about 229 million people!), not to mention that this holiday is quickly becoming equally likable in other cultures around the globe. It is believed that the reason why it’s so popular is that Halloween is pretty affordable compared to some other holidays, and still un-boo-lievably fun! No wonder that it works well for the marketers, some of whom start preparing for this holiday 9 months in advance!

Having trouble coming up with ideas on how to communicate your offers upcoming Halloween? We prepared a few SMS templates that you can customize to your needs and surprise your customers with great deals this upcoming holiday season.

Let’s start with some statistics…

According to the National Retail Federation, the retail spending for Halloween 2019 was estimated at $8.8 billion, with top spending categories being costumes ($3.2 billion), decorations ($2.7 billion), candy ($2.6 billion), and greeting cards ($390 million). Here are some other impressive facts about this faboolous celebration:

  • $86.27 – an average spending per customer on Halloween in 2019
  • 35% of people admit that online search is their top source of inspiration
  • 37% of customers start preparing for Halloween before October
  • At least 29 million people were about to dress their pets in costumes
  • 20% prefer online-only retailers (Source: BELVG)
  • Over 60% of Halloween searches come from mobile devices (Source: BELVG)

Since the pandemic has already put e-commerce at the forefront of retail, it is very likely that the number of people shopping online will continue to grow this upcoming Halloween. Even with social distancing, fans of this spooky eve are about to make it count, and have already started looking for creative ways to celebrate it in a fun yet safe way. This gives store owners a chance to promote their best deals and drive more traffic to their sites, so let’s explore how to achieve it.

SMS templates for Halloween 2020

Have you ever wanted to rent some specific costume but ended up choosing a random one from only a few that were left? It probably means that you’ve waited for too long since people tend to start their holiday shopping earlier. Halloween is not an exception – and you can use it to your advantage.

Creating a smart campaign in advance gives you tons of time to maximize conversions, and many great opportunities for your visitors to get your best offers. Early October is the latest it is recommended to start, yet keep in mind that some of the searches already appear in August.

While tons of ads and various other offers are distracting your prospects from noticing your brand online, the fastest, easiest, and one of the most effective ways to pass your message to your future customers is SMS. Besides having scary high open rates, SMS messages also land directly in the pocket and address a person in a highly personal way.

3 key rules to remember when crafting a promotional SMS are:

  • Introduce yourself – use your brand name instead of the number or sign the message you send
  • Keep it short – SMS messages are meant to be quick and clear, so don’t overdo it
  • Include a call to action – let your customers know what exactly they should do next.

Here are a few universal SMS templates that you can use to get the best out of Halloween this year:

1. “Hi <name>, lift your spirits this Halloween! As of today, buy any 2 of our products and get a spooky surprise for FREE! Check out the store: <link> <business name>“

2. “No tricks only treats! Order before 10/31 and get 31% off all new collection items. Shop here: <link>”

3. “Witching you a happy Halloween! Grab this code for some scary good deals in our store before 10/31: <code> <business name>”

4. “Hi <name>, we’re offering some faboolous deals at <business name>! Visit our store before 10/31 and get ready for trick or treating: <link>”

5. “Get your treats at <business name>! Only this week, buy 2 <product name> and get 3rd one completely free! Visit: <link>”

6. “LAST DAY! Use the promo code and get additional 31% off Halloween items: <code>. See you at: <link>”

7. “Freakishly good Halloween sale starts at 00:00! Come and take your treats before it’s too late: <link>”

8. “Deals to die for! Don’t forget about our faBOOlous sale this weekend – Halloween is just around the corner! More information: <link>

9. “Don’t miss out on your favorite costume this year! Book before Friday and get a scary 13% off: “link>”

10. “Happy Halloween! Celebrate the scariest day of the year with your favorite <product name>. 66% off until midnight! Visit: <link>”

11. “Spooky treats for your little ones! Special discount night only till 3AM! Don’t delay, order now: <link>”

12. “A candy a day keeps monsters away! Team up with a friend and get 13%+13% discount on all the sweets in our store! Order until 10/31: <link>”

13. “Happy Halloween! We’ve prepared a freakishly amazing offer just for you, hint: 15%! See you at our store: <link>”

Wrap up

Halloween is one of the most exciting and entertaining holidays – looking for a costume, putting on scary makeup, turning your house into a spooky place, eating an enormous amount of candy… Even if you just go out to watch a scary movie, it’s something special about that night.

That’s why it’s also a great opportunity for many businesses to boost sales and enhance their customer experience with special deals and discounts, no matter the industry. In this case, SMS goes a long way since it’s direct, personal, and straight to the point, meaning that it requires a lot less to catch the attention of a recipient. Use the templates above wisely and have a happy (and profitable) Halloween!