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Creating SMS automations

Creating SMS automations

Renata Liubertaitė

SMS marketing can help you drive your business by increasing sales, connecting with your customers and meeting your marketing goals.

Senderium offers its customers SMS automations which can drastically help businesses by automatically targeting specific customers.

Let’s go through our automations and learn how to create and enable your first automation.

  1. Different automations

Once you’re inside our app, click on “Send SMS” and you will be redirected to the page where you will be able to either create your SMS campaign or create and enable automations.

Once you’re in the “Send SMS” page you will see different automations, let’s run through them and what they do really quick:

  • Abandoned checkout SMS - this automation is for those customers who add something to their cart, but for some reasons don’t finish their payment and leave. Bring them back by offering a discount or just by reminding them about their cart.
  • Win Back customers - if you have had some customers in the past that are just not coming back, this automation will be perfect for you. By adding a discount or new items in your stock, you will remind them about yourself and make them come back to you.
  • Reward new customer - once a new user subscribes to your list, it’s best to reward him with a present. This automation does just that.

Once you choose which automation is best for you to start with, go ahead and customize it to your liking. We would advise you to take a look at our default delay and try to experiment yourself to see how well it suits your needs.

You can also keep track of all your automations in the dashboard or, if you’d like a more detailed view, you can visit statistics.

Do you have more questions? You can contact us via email