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How to Persuade Customers to Complete Abandoned Carts

How to Persuade Customers to Complete Abandoned Carts

Renata Liubertaitė

Getting traffic to your store or website takes time and effort. So, when you invest in this, only to find they’re abandoning they’re carts, it can start to hurt your bottom line. There are many tactics people use to help get customers back when they leave their carts without completing their orders. Some people use email, some use social media (FB messenger) to be exact. However, by far and large, automated SMS marketing for cart abandonments is amongst the most instantaneous, and effective ways to send abandoned cart notifications.

In this post, we outline the best way to get customers who abandon their carts back to your store to complete their purchases.

The Cost of Cart Abandonment

According to industry statistics, the 2019 global cart abandonment rate is a staggering 69.57%.

So, if you have an online store, then you’re probably part of these statistics, and like so many others, you’ll be looking at the most cost-effective way to try and tempt some of the shoppers back to finish what they started. Annually, cart abandonments account for almost $18 billion in lost revenue. While airlines and travel are set to be the worst-affected, the problem impacts any and every business with an online e-commerce presence.

Whatever your own cart abandonment figures look like, thanks to technology, there are many ways you can effectively tempt those people back to your store. In the next section, we’ll look at the different methods businesses are using to deal with this issue and highlight the most effective and practical way you can implement a strategy for success for your e-commerce store.

How to Get Shoppers with Abandoned Carts back to your Store

There are many proactive ways to get people who leave their carts without completing a sale, to return to your site. In this section, we take a quick look at the three most popular channels and give you a quick overview of each option.


It’s always been considered a best practice to email customers who leave without completing their purchase. However, with inboxes becoming increasingly filled with offers, and open rates declining, this drives a need to develop multiple channels and methods to help re-engage with those who browse but don’t buy. While email is a low-cost marketing channel, you always run the risk that your messages are re-directed to a junk folder, and might not always be seen.

Facebook Messenger

With over a billion people now using FB messenger, it presents an attractive opportunity to use in tandem with email marketing to help bring people back to your store. Indeed, using a multi-channel approach can really help you to optimize your chances of not being ignored or being seen in the first place. Also, if you haven’t yet obtained an email address for a customer, Facebook messenger’s checkbox can detect any active Facebook sessions a person has, giving you the opportunity to collect their email in a different way.

For some, particularly those who are time-conscious, setting up FB messenger is time-consuming, and it requires you to learn a new skill in order to get started.

SMS Marketing

Implementing automated SMS campaigns for abandoned carts is quick, it’s easy, and it’s cost-effective. What’s more, the open rates for text messages are far superior to almost any other channel. The delivery time of a text is almost instantaneous, and because people tend to carry their mobile devices with them throughout the day, it remains as one of the most effective channels to use to re-engage people who have abandoned their carts. Some people combine this channel with an enticing offer, such as a discount code with 5% off if they complete their purchase on the same day. When you add the ease of which you can direct people back to their carts, and the fact that this is a one-click function, you can quickly start to see why it works so well.

Why People Abandon Carts

Now you have a few ideas for campaigns you can run to help people return to their abandoned carts, we thought it useful to share a few quick tips to help you reduce the number of shoppers that leave without completing their purchases.

  1. Offer a guest checkout
    We’ve all been there before, you’ve spent time and effort choosing the perfect products, and you want to check-out quickly so you can get on with your evening or day. Then, the site you are using is asking you to create an account, pick a password, etc. Give customers the option to do a rapid checkout, and strike while the iron is hot. Asking them for too much information can result in them abandoning the process completely.
  2. Price Shock
    Whether it be unexpected shipping costs, taxes, or other fees; the primary reason people abandon a cart is due to unexpected costs. To reduce this, make sure any fees are transparent, and if you do not offer free shipping, try giving them a choice of a number of shipping options so they feel they have a certain element of control over any additional charges.
  3. Check Out to Complication
    Whenever you make any changes or add a new feature, you need to go through your shopping and checkout process as a customer. If the process is complex or asks them for too much information, this can cause them to give up and make them less likely to check out. There is a range of tools that can help you see things from the eyes of a customer, such as Hotjar, Fullstory, and Userbrain.

Addressing these three issues alone could help you reduce the number of people who are abandoning their carts. But as you can appreciate from the stats we’ve shared in this post, there are always going to be people who do this. This creates opportunities for marketing campaigns that can help you recover some of those sales.

How to Use Senderium for Cart Abandonment SMS Marketing

At Senderium, we provide an intuitive platform that will automate your SMS marketing campaigns to people who abandon their carts. With no contracts, and the choice to opt for a pay-as-you-go model or a pay monthly model; our goal is to make it as easy as possible to use our services in order to help your business grow.

Regardless of where your customers are located, you can quickly set-up everything in a matter of clicks. If you’re sending messages to people in the EU or Australia, then you can even use your company name as the sender ID.

Are you ready to see how easy it is to quickly set-up and start enticing those shoppers back to your store?

Click here to install Senderium today.