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How To Use SMS Marketing To Conquer Black Friday 2020

How To Use SMS Marketing To Conquer Black Friday 2020

Renata Liubertaitė

Still no plan for the biggest shopping day of the year? Well, it's about time. Black Friday is just around the corner, immediately followed by Cyber Monday, and if you listen very carefully, you'll most likely hear the cheerful Christmas carols somewhere far in the distance.

As consumers start to empty their piggy banks and prepare their wallets for the occasion, businesses should not be missing out on an opportunity to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon. Brainstorming on campaign ideas might be a good start, yet not forgetting to complement your strategy with SMS marketing this year might actually be the first step to success.

In this article, we’ll be going through some tips and tricks for engaging Black Friday 2020 text campaigns, share some sample text messages, and discover why a simple SMS marketing app might come in really handy this year.

Why Black Friday is so huge?

Black Friday is much more than just a day for business owners to provide customers with some valuable deals, it comes with a lot of excitement from the buyer's perspective, too. People usually start looking for the first signs of Black Friday as early as the beginning of October, and actually plan their spendings in advance, while waiting for the offers to flood in.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), last year’s Black Friday was the busiest day for in-store activities, with 84.2 million shoppers in the United States alone, and has even topped Cyber Monday with 93.2 million online shoppers (compared to 83.3 million on Cyber Monday).

While an average shopper spends $313.29 on sale items during Black Friday and the majority of it actually goes on gifts, these yearly increasing numbers are not only the consequence of financial reasons, psychologists say. And this is where it gets interesting for the marketers.

  • It’s satisfying. According to consumer research, knowing that buying something at a lower price or, especially, at a lower price than you’re willing to pay, arises the “appetite” of the consumer. The research states that “getting the consumer to visualize how good it would feel to save so much money may whip up the desires to have those feelings and thus increase the likelihood that the consumer responds to an offer.”
  • Fear of missing out (FOMO). It’s a kind of social anxiety that impacts a lot of purchasing decisions, and Black Friday is not an exception. With so many “limited time deals”, people push themselves into buying something they do not always need at that particular moment.
  • Shopping momentum. It’s a state that occurs after an initial purchase when you feel a psychological impulse for a second, unrelated product. It goes just as simple as that – every purchase just leads to another purchase.

SMS marketing tips and tricks to follow this Black Friday

As the use of mobile devices continues to rise, more and more people are switching to online shopping. In 2019, Adobe announced that Black Friday was "the biggest day ever for mobile" since $2.9 billion sales were made using smartphones alone. Due to the pandemic this year, the numbers are once again expected to grow since people will be willing to avoid physical stores.

It means that mobile phones will play a significant role in the whole buying process in 2020, too, which makes a good old SMS a perfect tool to use if you want your customers to actually read what you send them. These are the key tips to follow during Black Friday 2020 that should help you build an effective SMS campaign and get the best out of this special event.

Boost your subscribers' list in advance

This is not going to surprise you, but to effectively communicate with your audience, you have to build it first. And that’s another way you can use SMS to your advantage.

Keyword campaigns can be very straightforward, yet come with great benefits both for businesses and customers. For those, you would need to implement two-way communication to allow people to text you.

How exactly does this work? Just spread a bunch of keywords across your channels (e.g. “Text BLACKFRIDAY2020 to <number> to receive exclusive Black Friday deals from <company>”), offer some kind of incentive, or simply inform people about your upcoming deals and invite them to follow the updates. A keyword sent to your business phone number will automatically add their contact information to your database.

Talk to people, not faceless consumers

Personalization makes marketing better and helps companies focus on the right touchpoints

Personalization makes marketing better and helps companies focus on the right touchpoints. Did you know that 80% of consumers admit that they’re more likely to purchase something from brands that offer personalized experiences than from those which don’t?

The idea behind personalization is not only knowing who your customers are but also providing them with the relevant information only. Sending offers that meet their needs is more likely to result in a sale.

Offer real value

Offer exclusive deals for your customers

If you send SMS messages to your customers, there’s no doubt you want them to act on them. And for this to happen, you need to offer something that gives them value. With so many Black Friday deals spamming the same inboxes, you want to make sure yours stands out and pays off.

  • Offer exclusive deals. A lot of people opting-in for your text message notifications will be expecting a financial value – discounts, coupons, etc. There’s no better time than Black Friday to provide them with it.
  • Send sales alerts, news, and updates. SMS is an instant, direct, and personal communication channel with one of the highest open rates for marketing/promotional materials, according to MMA. Use it to your advantage - let your customers know about time-sensitive deals instantly, send company updates, product updates, inform about new arrivals, etc.
  • Send order and delivery updates. As a lot of Black Friday sales happen online, and the post-purchase experience is equally important as any other part of the buyer’s journey. SMS is a great way to send your customers order status updates, which will definitely boost their experience with your brand and help you establish business transparency.
  • Mix your incentives. Too much of anything is good for nothing. Your customers might soon get bored if you send them basic updates only – try to come up with creative ways to bring them value by offering a wider variety of possible gains.

Create a sense of urgency

A sense of urgency would nudge customers in the right direction

Already mentioned FOMO and the influence it makes on customers’ decisions is another thing businesses might want to focus on when building SMS marketing campaigns. Ideally, a sense of urgency would nudge customers in the right direction and encourage them to take action without waiting for too long – since you offer something that won’t last forever.

Here are some phrases that you can use to achieve this:

  • Limited time only
  • While supplies last
  • Today only
  • One-time offer
  • Act fast
  • Save today
  • Don’t miss out

Don’t forget your loyal customers

Don’t forget your loyal customers

Coming up with an idea to honor your most loyal customers might benefit your business in two ways. First, it will make them feel special and that might increase the chances of a sale. Second, seeing that you value your customers might inspire other visitors to join your subscribers' list, thus benefit from those special deals.

Use the power of visual materials

Use attractive visuals

Visuals are attractive, they catch attention much faster than any text possibly can. However, when you think of SMS messages, you usually think of a brief, 160-symbol long text, and that might get pretty boring. That’s not what you want, and that’s why we’d recommend taking advantage of MMS and GIF features that SMS marketing apps, including Senderium, are able to offer.

Include a strong call to action (CTA)

To achieve the best possible results, you should use strong call to action

Simply sending text messages to your customers is not enough. To achieve the best possible results, they should be well-structured, simple, and include a clear call to action to tell your subscribers what you would like them to do next.

The purpose of CTA can vary a lot, but usually, CTA is used to encourage people to make a purchase, invite customers to visit your website/shop, provide them with a link to another channel, ask to sign up for something, etc.

Some simple words that might work as a great CTA are:

  • Click, subscribe
  • Text, send, call
  • Buy, shop now, get here
  • Share, see
  • Sign up here
  • Follow, download
  • Learn more

Send surveys for future improvement

Send surveys for future improvement

Last but not least, due to the fast and simple nature of SMS, it’s a great channel for collecting feedback. In this case, your customers get the chance to share their experiences in a timely, user-friendly manner by simply clicking the link provided, and you benefit from it by letting those, hopefully, great experiences talk for themselves!

How an SMS marketing app can help

Brainstorming ideas is not the only thing that’s left to do after you decide to conquer Black Friday 2020 with the help of SMS marketing. Doing it manually might be incredibly time-consuming, and that’s why you need to really pay attention to a text messaging service provider that would make the upcoming shopping marathon so much easier for you.

With an SMS marketing app you can:

  • Easily create SMS marketing campaigns
  • Set automations
  • Send bulk messages
  • Schedule your campaigns
  • Integrate rich media in your texts
  • And more.


Anything you decide to do requires careful preparation, and the biggest shopping event of the year is definitely not an exception. Use the benefits of SMS marketing to re-engage with your customers, provide them with exclusive and valuable deals, and boost your sales this Black Friday. Implementing and keeping in mind the key rules of effective SMS marketing campaigns can be a huge advantage over your competition.