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Sending your first campaign

Sending your first campaign

Renata Liubertaitė

Text marketing campaigns could have quite a lot of uses for your business - whether you want to send out a massive discount to your customers on special occasions or inform them about changes happening in your store. Senderium offers its customers to send mass text messages quickly and without any hassle. Let’s learn how to create your first campaign.

From Senderium app you will want to go to the “Send SMS” page.

From here on out you will need to click on “Continue” button in the Bulk SMS field.

Now you can proceed with editing your first campaign. Even though the process is fairly straightforward, let’s run through all of the fields together:

  • Campaigns name - this is the name that will be shown in the statistics section for this specific campaign;
  • Sender ID - this is the name that your customers will be seeing as “From” in their phones. We will be using your shop’s name as a Sender’s ID for all the EU countries, but unfortunately we will not be able to use it when sending text messages to the US or Canada, because operators don’t allow us to do that;
  • Attach an image or GIF - you can add some media for your messages to make it look more attractive. This only works in the US and Canada;
  • Your message - this is where most of your creativity will be shown. Here you will be able to type in the text to your customers. It’s important to add that you can use emojis here, but they will count as 2 characters. You can also add variables, they will make your message more personal. As well as that, you can choose to remove diacritics (e.g. į,č,š, etc.) and shorten your links to save up some space in your messages.
  • Unsubscribe text - we automatically add this text to comply with TCPA, CTIA and GDPR reglementations;
  • Discount - you can choose to add a discount for your customers by giving them free shipping, fixed sum or percentage off their purchase. You can also add an expiration date which is very useful if you’re sending promotional messages for campaigns that last one or two days;
  • Send to - you can select to send your messages to males or females;
  • Schedule campaign - you can choose to schedule your campaigns for later dates. This way you can just set the time when they will be sent and continue with other tasks.

After clicking “Next” you will see a summary of your campaign and you can once again look through everything. If you’re not happy with your end result, you can press on “Edit” and go back to editing the campaign, but if you’re happy with it, then just hit “Send” and your campaign will be sent.

Do you have more questions? You can contact us via email