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SMS marketing for Shopify: what is it, and how does it help to drive conversions?

SMS marketing for Shopify: what is it, and how does it help to drive conversions?

Renata Liubertaitė

If you’re the owner of a Shopify Store, you might be looking for innovative ways to help boost your conversions and get more sales. SMS marketing isn’t particularly new, but it does have proven benefits that help e-commerce stores attract and convert more prospects into sales.

In this post, we look at how SMS marketing can work hand-in-hand with your Shopify store; and how, when used correctly, it can help you drive conversions and close more deals.

A Quick Look at Modern-Day SMS Capabilities

Before we get into the intricacies of SMS marketing and Shopify, we want to talk a little about why you need to include SMS in your marketing mix. Firstly, SMS is no longer solely for marketing to mobile devices. You can apply it to a range of messenger applications, such as Facebook, or many other desktop or mobile app with push notifications.

We know all too well how quickly people can become annoyed by persistent messages, and also how quickly they can opt-out from calls, texts, and emails. So, in order for any campaign to be successful, you should also make sure there is a clear intent with your campaigns. Keep it simple and make it compelling.

Generally speaking, the goal of any type of marketing campaign for a Shopify store owner is to generate revenue, boost brand awareness, and increase engagement. SMS marketing presents the perfect opportunity to do all three with ease. What’s more, SMS campaigns require minimal effort, they’re low-cost, and they’re received and acted on in an instant.

The average open rate for emails in 2019 is around 21%. The average open rate for SMS in 2019 is around 98%. So, when you consider that both have a similar cost of acquisition, need we say anything more on the potential power of SMS marketing for your Shopify store?

SMS Marketing Campaigns for Shopify

You can use SMS marketing campaigns for a range of reasons. As long as you remember the fundamentals of marketing, and keep your messages relevant, purposeful, and compelling; you have many options and applications at your disposal.

Some of the most popular reasons people successfully use SMS with their Shopify store are listed below:

• Abandoned Cart Reminders
• Coupons, Discount, Sales, and Promotions
• New Product Notifications
• Updates on Order or Delivery Status
• Obtaining Feedback, Surveys

While you can use email just as easily for the same purpose, when you consider the significant difference in open rates (almost 77% better with SMS), then you can quickly appreciate why so many people are turning to SMS to help them entice visitors back to their Shopify stores.

Tips for SMS Marketing for Shopify Merchants

SMS marketing automation is changing the way Shopify storeowners optimize their e-commerce operations, increase revenue, and boost customer retention. In this section, we’ll explain a little more about the different ways SMS campaigns and Shopify stores can work together in harmony for great outcomes.

SMS Using Customer Trigger Points

You can send a personalized message when a customer either makes or does not take a specific action.

SMS for Updates

Customers want to know where their order is at all times. Regular communications at every step of an order’s lifecycle are expected, and if you fail to meet their expectations here, you might find your ratings reflect this. With SMS marketing for Shopify, you can automate things such as order confirmations, shipping status/updates, new subscriber notifications, and more.

With the right SMS marketing solution, you will able to improve your customer experience, improve revenues, and bring more people back to your store with remarketing automations.

The Benefits of SMS Messaging for Shopify

As you’ll appreciate, there’s so many reasons to get started with SMS marketing. Here’s a summary of the most pertinent.

  1. It can help you recover lost sales

According to research, every 6/10 mobile shoppers will abandon their carts. Oftentimes, this is due to the fact they have unanswered questions or perhaps they didn’t have their card details to hand when they needed them. A quick SMS with a tempting offer can help to rescue these sales, which may have otherwise been lost.

2. It’s immediately effective

SMS remains as one of the most effective, immediate marketing channels on offer. When used correctly, they can complement other channels, such as social media and email marketing.

3. It’s great for feedback

SMS can help you better understand those who shop at or visit your store. If they order from you, make a return, contact your customer service department; you can automate a quick survey or send a request for feedback. All of these results can collectively give you insights that will help you shape and improve your business.

4. It can boost engagement and encourage re-engagement

SMS marketing, even the automated variety can help you build better relationships with your shoppers. Any communication that helps you connect with people, particularly the personalized SMS responses, it can build trust, and it makes them more likely to re-engagement with your business.

In Conclusion

In a highly competitive marketplace, where you need to find ways to differentiate your store, and make an impact with people, you need to diversify and try to reach out to those 60% of customers who browse, add to your cart, but whom do not make it through to the final checkout.

SMS marketing is a great way to do this. It’s highly affordable, it’s highly effective, and we make it quick and easy to get started. When you consider all of the benefits, the potential ROI, and the low costs involved in getting started, there are more reasons to get started, and add SMS marketing into your multi-channel strategy.