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Tips on Using SMS Marketing to Help Your Business

Tips on Using SMS Marketing to Help Your Business

Renata Liubertaitė

SMS marketing in 2020 is an essential channel you need to add to your marketing mix. In this post, we discuss how it can help your business to grow, deliver a better customer experience, and how, when used properly, it can drive conversions, sales, and more.

How is SMS Marketing Used in Business?

SMS marketing has a variety of uses in business that include, boosting engagement, improving customer communications, more conversions, and automation of specific processes. When viewed collectively, they save you time, money, and help you deliver a better, more efficient service to your customers.
Here’s a list of the different ways SMS marketing is being used in business
• Sending out offers, promotions, and discounts
• Providing updates on the status of an order or delivery
• Messaging people who add items to a cart and abandon it before completing their order
• Sending our surveys or requests for feedback

The reason SMS marketing is used so widely is the near-instant ability it has to reach customers on their mobile devices. With figures supporting the fact the open rates are close to 98%, compared to email which scores a mere average of 21%, it is proven to help businesses reach their audience in a cost-efficient, time-effective manner.

Why is SMS Marketing Important for Business?

SMS marketing can help you automate and simplify a number of processes that will enrich your customer experience while reducing your expenditure. Here are the standout reasons why your business needs to adopt SMS marketing.

Better Customer Engagement

We all understand how important it is to uphold positive relationships with your clients. It helps you get great ratings, it fosters long-lasting connections, and it can also help you earn the trust of those who use or recommended your business. The better you become at nurturing these relationships, the more successful your likely to be.
SMS for business can make you stand out; not least because you are delivering a personalized message to their hand-held device. You can time these messages to perfection to deliver the right communication at the most opportune time. And, you can deliver relevant offers, that give them the feeling of being treated exclusively, showing them you value their business.

Better Brand Loyalty

When people feel connected to your brand, they follow your news, your products, and your social media pages. If you want to create an engaged audience of people who are loyal to your brand, SMS marketing is a great way to create tailored content that addresses their individual needs and wants. Simply sending blanket emails that bare no resemblance to their unique personas will make them feel more a number than a valued customer.
SMS marketing gives you the opportunity to group your customers into segments that enable you to quickly send out targeted messages about relevant products and offers. Loyal customers buy from brands who they feel understand their personal needs.

Better Analytics and Tracking

Whenever your business does marketing, one of the key metrics you follow closely is the ROI. You need to make sure the time money you invest giving you the results you want, in an effective manner. If you cannot track or analyze a campaign’s effectiveness accurately, then you’ll never really know is the channel is working for you.
SMS marketing is incredibly easy to track, giving you data that you can use to measure its overall profitability and effectiveness. When you start SMS marketing for your business, users will click on the link in the message, and this very easily and effectively allows you to see the overall Click-through rate (CTR) of a campaign. This metric alone can help you establish which messages perform best, and it can help you tailor any future content according to its results.

Better Consumer Awareness

We’ve already spoken about engagement, building your brand, and being able to track the results of your marketing efforts; but as a business, you want to make sure your campaign piques the interest of your prospects and grabs their attention.
SMS marketing can help increase customer awareness of your brand. They may have only initially visited you to look at a single product and might not be aware of the total offering you have. There is no greater way to send relevant, targeted messages about your other products and services. During peak retail season, either when you have a sale or the holiday season is approaching, SMS marketing is a great way to recapture the interest of those who have already purchased from you or visited your site.
Tip: If you’ve ever visited a store with free Wi-Fi, and wondered why they ask you to verify your mobile number before gaining access; the answer is, that these visitors can then be added to your SMS marketing lists, and you can send tailored messages to them, knowing they have been or almost been a customer.

How Senderium Can Support your Business with SMS Marketing

Dealing with Senderium is simple and straightforward. There are no contracts, and you’re free to either pay-as-you-go or set-up a low-cost monthly subscription. It’s ideal for those looking to try the service out for the first time, or for businesses who want to use SMS marketing services for bulk communications or on a regular basis.

Senderium SMS Marketing Campaigns

Regardless of what you want to send; with Senderium, you can reach your target audience in an instant.

Senderium SMS Scheduling

If you have product launches, promotions, or offers; with Senderium, you can easily schedule SMS campaigns in advance.

Senderium SMS Automations

Save time by setting up smart automations for your SMS campaigns with Senderium. A couple of clicks and we’ll take care of the rest.

UTM links are great, but they’re often too long to put in an SMS. Our link shorteners are a great way to overcome this challenge.

Senderium MMS Campaigns

We all appreciate the power of visual assets, with the Senderium MMS feature, you can send highly engaging, visual content in a more interactive way.
Using Senderium’s SMS platform can help you quickly leverage the power of SMS marketing for your business. Regardless of whether you simply want to automate a few processes, or you have an offer that you’d like to try promoting via SMS for the first time; our service is affordable, it’s easy to use, and it’s quick to set-up.
Are you ready to see how SMS marketing can help you grow your business?
Get started here with Senderium SMS today.