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21 Valentine’s Day Messages To Show Some Love To Your Customers

21 Valentine’s Day Messages To Show Some Love To Your Customers

Renata Liubertaitė

There's probably no harm in saying that 2020 was huge for e-commerce, raising some significant challenges yet bringing positive outcomes, too. And although the year is over, at least in the upcoming months nothing else seems about to change.

After a record-breaking holiday season, you might not realize that another pretty big occasion is just around the corner. Although associated mostly with romantic relationships, friends, and family, Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to show your love and appreciation to your customers, surprise them with some lovely rewards, and thank them for being there for you through these tough times.

So without further ado, let’s go through some tips and ideas on how to do it using SMS marketing, explore 21 different SMS templates for Valentine’s day messages, and start crafting those campaigns that your customers have truly deserved.

Let’s start with some Valentine’s day stats

Valentine’s day statistics on gifts and entertainment

During recent years, Valentine's day spending has been noticeably increasing. In 2017, Americans spent 18.2 billion U.S. dollars on gifts and entertainment, which then raised to a whopping 27.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, according to Statista.

Moreover, an unusually large increase in average spending, which was $196.31 per person, was recorded last year, associated with a growing trend of consumers buying more gifts not only for their significant others, but also for family, friends, co-workers, and even pets.

Be it expensive jewelry or simple greeting cards, people tend to shop online as much as in physical stores, yet here's where we might see a difference in 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic and social distancing.

One way or another, the numbers still suggest that Valentine's day is something truly not to miss, so let’s go through some key ideas on how to spread some love to your customers for the best results.

What to focus on when crafting Valentine’s day messages?

Close-up of a woman writing a text message (valentine txt msg)

1. Make it personal

Even though you will probably be sending text messages to all or the majority of your customers, it’s still important (and possible!) to make each of them sound personal, especially on such an occasion as Valentine’s day.

This can be done by simply addressing your customers by their names, minding their location, learning their interests, activities, or rewarding them with exclusive offers. This will make them feel as if the specific SMS was meant for them only, and not just for a big group of subscribers on your list.

2. Tease a bit

Valentine’s is just a one-day event, although building the hype in advance can really help you get the best out of it.

It's similar to launching your Black Friday or Christmas campaigns way before the actual event, just to grow your customers’ curiosity and let them know what to expect and when to come back to your store to get it. For this, you might want to offer some special limited-time deals, which will also encourage the fear of missing out.

3. Don’t work too hard to sell

Yet unlike Black Friday and Christmas, Valentine’s day is a bit less universal, meaning that your professional Valentine's day messages will not always hit the mark spreading promotions.

Some businesses perfectly meet the intention of the holiday, such as various bakeries, restaurants, or florists. However, some companies sending Valentine's day promotions might feel just too out there – imagine a car repair company trying to push some new window wipers on you for February 14th.

4. Keep the main intention in mind

That being said, it doesn’t mean that being a car repair company prevents you from showing some love to your customers. It just means that your main intention should probably be appreciating a customer rather than trying to take advantage of yet another occasion.

That being said, here are 18 Valentine’s day SMS templates that might help you do it.

21 Valentine's day SMS templates for business

General greetings

Valentine’s day message with greetings to a customer

Template #1:

Hey, <CustomerName>! Wishing you a heart full of love and joy, today and always. Happy Valentine's day! <CompanyName>

Template #2:

Happy Valentine’s day, <CustomerName>! We hope you celebrate it by doing all the things you love. Enjoy! <CompanyName>

Template #3:

Hi, <CustomerName>! We LOVE what we do because of people like you. Warm wishes this Valentine’s day from all of us at <CompanyName>!

Thank you messages

Valentine’s day message expressing gratitude for customers

Template #4:

Hey, <CustomerName>! Today we want to return the LOVE and say a big thank you for trusting us with your business. Happy Valentine’s day! <CompanyName>

Template #5:

Hi <CustomerName>, happy Valentine’s day from all of us at <CompanyName>! May your heart be filled with joy, as ours are having you as a client!

Template #6:

Time to spread some love for the ones we care about! <CustomerName>, thank you for always being on our side. Happy Valentine’s day!

Cute and funny

Cute Valentine’s day message template

Template #7:

Love is in the air! And so is the cold – treat yourself and your loved ones with a hand-knitted sweater this Valentine’s day. Shop now: <SiteLink>

Template #8:

Love, kisses, and Valentine’s wishes! No better day to reward yourself for all you’ve done – choose the perfect gift at our store: <SiteLink>

Template #9:

Hi <CustomerName>, make someone smile today! We’ve got you covered with 20% off. Enter LOVE14 at the checkout: <SiteLink>


Valentine’s day promotional message template

Template #10:

Hi <CustomerName>, happy Valentine’s day! Give yourself all the love that you deserve. Grab your gift with 15% off today: <SiteLink>

Template #11:

Hey, <CustomerName>! Brighten the day of your loved ones with a special treat. Check out our Valentine’s day gift guide: <SiteLink>

Template #12:

Date or no date, shine bright this Valentine’s day! Enter the code TREATYOURSELF and enjoy 10% off our latest jewelry collection: <SiteLink>

Exclusive offers

Valentine’s day message template to offer exclusive deals

Template #13:

<CustomerName>, still no Valentine’s presents? You clearly need this 20% discount we've prepared for you. Shop until 2/14: <SiteLink>

Template #14:

Love is in the air! Buy any gift voucher and get 14% extra on any item in our store. Shop here: <SiteLink>

Template #15:

Happy Valentine’s day, <CustomerName>! Spreading the love has never been easier when the deals are so good – we’ve prepared a few just for you: <SiteLink>


Valentine's text message template: invitation to an event

Template #16:

Happy Valentine’s day, <CustomerName>! Join our cheerful online celebration tonight, we have something really special for you. Learn more: <SiteLink>

Template #17:

The lockdown won’t last forever! Book your seats to the best events in advance and cheer up your loved ones: <SiteLink>

Template #18:

Warm Valentine's day wishes! Treat yourself to some quality music tonight. Tickets are on us! Log in with a code FEBRUARY14 to watch: <SiteLink>


Valentine’s day message template: invitation to join the contest

Template #19:

<CustomerName>, test your luck! Check our Valentine’s day contest on our Facebook page and go for a win! Enter here: <SiteLink>

Template #20:

This Valentine’s day we’ve got something really special for you! Text WANTTOWIN to <PhoneNumber> and become one of the lucky ones tonight! More info: <SiteLink>

Template #21:

Happiness is only real when shared! Post your favorite pictures that describe LOVE and win our special Valentine's day prize! Check out on Instagram: <SiteLink>

Wrap up

Without the people who shop with you, there would be no business at all. Valentine’s day is a perfect opportunity to both let your customers know how much they mean to you and start off the first half of the year on the right foot. Being such a direct and personal channel, SMS is a great way to do it.

So you can simply pick any Valentine’s day SMS template from our list and adjust it to your business needs, or simply use it as an example while crafting your own Valentine’s day messages. Either way, don’t miss this perfect chance to connect in such a lovely way!

Happy Valentine’s day!